A daily moment of pleasure to reward your dog of his faithfulness, without giving up to the healthiness of clean ingredients! The exclusive use of dry pet food, especially if said food has an extremely long list of ingredients, can become a health problem over time, overloading both the urinary system and the immune system, and increasing the risk of pathologies. The Integrated Nutritional Program is our most ambitious project: a complete program that comprises dry food, wet food and treats, all synergistically combined and realized following the same philosophy of recipes with a limited number of clean ingredients.

Snacks line, two fishes, three different shapes! These special fish snacks are exceptional snacks made of 100% dried cod and Atlantic scorpion fish from the uncontaminated Iceland, an unparalleled source of high-nutrition protein. Healthy and tasty, you can find them in the Rolls, Fingers and Cubes forms.

Legend Healthy Bites are tasty grains (grain free), suitable for dogs of all sizes and all ages (after 4 months of age), which complete the Legend line and lend themselves to being used like delicious protein snacks or as prizes during education. Lamb, chicken, pork and salmon are exclusively Icelandic: this guarantees raw materials of the highest quality, extremely palatable and not deriving from intensive rearing. The protein source constitutes almost the whole of the food, varying according to the reference between 80% and 94%. The Legend Healthy Bites are the snacks chosen by Gilles Elkaim and his dogs, a fundamental energy and nutritional contribution for his extraordinary adventure of crossing the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole, only supported by his dog.