Why go all the way to Iceland to establish two factories for a "simple" pet food?

The history of ArcticPet does not begin in 2013, the year the production facility was founded for wet food.

It starts about twenty years earlier.

Born in Rome and studying in Milan, Dr. Sergio Canello, a Veterinary Surgeon, practiced his profession in Padua, observing every day how many dogs and cats suffered health problems related to food.

On changing the food various clinical symptoms, from otitis to common dermatitis, from frequent intestinal disorders to anxiety related issues, regressed spontaneously.

But for what reason?

Ever heard of Oxytetracycline? In intensive farms spread all over the world, animals clustered in tight spaces are likely to get sick. This is why, historically, they have been given an antibiotic. Exactly: Oxytetracycline.

But is it possible to fight and win against industrialization, pollution, chemicals and intensive breeding?

This is a personal war, the one undertaken by Dr. Canello, in communicating his discovery and in giving scientific evidence of what he has observed in practice: passing his fingers through the thick fur of a cat which had been suffering from dermatitis for a long time, observing dogs’ otitis regressing by changing their food, analyzing their eyes, observing their gums and teeth.

The Oxytetracycline antibiotic, dissolved in water and absorbed by the body, generates residues that bind to the fat and bone of chickens and turkeys, both being parts of the body used to create meat meal, which is in turn used in the production of kibbles. It is not the pet food manufacturers or even consumers who are at fault, but this has been going on for many years, and even if today the use of Oxytetracycline has significantly reduced, this personal war is still raging.

But is it possible to fight and win against industrialization, pollution, chemicals and intensive breeding?

We do not know, but it’s worth trying.

Armed with the keys to health, Dr. Canello founded SANYpet – FORZA10 in 1995 to manufacture his pet food. By removing what hurts, half of the work is already done. At this point all that remains is to insert what is good: natural ingredients, botanical extracts with documented beneficial properties, meat from extensive farming or fish caught in the sea, for its Omega3 content that the body so badly needs.

He was not satisfied.

The need to find the best ingredients, selected from uncontaminated sources, drove Dr. Sergio Canello and Dr. Gianandrea Guidetti, a pharmacist and expert in phytotherapy for small animals, to set out to Iceland, a promised land which promises a maintained sustainability and respect for nature towards those who choose it.
And that’s why today there are two factories in Iceland.
Because health is not easy to guarantee. And we do not believe that ours is a simple pet food.