Nutrition Certified by Nature

Those who share their lives with a dog or cat and carefully choose its diet, accurately enquiring and evaluating the various options, will know that the world of pet food presents all sorts of certifications, stamps and brands which must be compared on their bags, trays or cans.
And this scenario is correct, because your pet’s health is fundamental and, unfortunately, we live in a polluted world, where there is an absolute necessity for certainties concerning the healthiness of what we feed our furry life companions.

However, what assurances do we have that the food we buy is truly 100% genuine? Is it completely free of harmful additives, synthetic preservatives or artificial appetizers? A certification may not be enough and will have neither the necessary impact nor evidence to reassure us.

Fully localized sourcing is a reality as well as a fashion which is ever more in vogue, based on correct precepts and principles. By choosing local products, I can consume a food made not far from me, without the need to transport, store or alter it. However, what’s the sense of a locally sourced food deriving from contaminated soil or utilizing pesticides?

Organic food attempts to recontextualize what we have distorted, acting on the issue of controlling the supply chain and maintaining, as much as possible, the “naturalness” of the food we choose. Organic’s desire is to resemble the home garden, ensuring food directly prepared fresh to serve in the bowl, with the serenity of a healthy meal.

Our desire was to go even further, to exceed organic. That's why we went to unspoilt Iceland; because it’s exactly that: unspoilt!

- Sergio Canello

The animals are free to graze, the fish swim in pure and crystalline waters; the fishing and breeding is responsible and sustainable; almost all the energy comes from renewable sources.
This is why our food from Iceland is Certified by Nature. Because Nature surrounds our factories, our production respects the rhythms of Nature, the ingredients we choose come from one of the few places on earth where Nature still commands.
This does not mean that we don’t possess any certifications. We could discuss this at length, informing you, for example, that we were the first company certified to export to the United States (USDA certification), have deposited 10 patents and published over 25 cruelty free scientific researches concerning dog and cat health.

But what greater reassurance can there be than giving your dog or cat a food with ingredients from pure sources?

— Sergio Canello