At the top of the world, touching the Arctic Circle and only 300km from Greenland, there is an island where land, air, fire and ice still dominate and interact harmoniously with the ecosystems used by man: welcome to Iceland.

Surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean and shaped by volcanoes, Iceland is an unspoiled oasis where geothermal springs coexist with glaciers, wide grass pastures, moors, forests, deserts of black sand and lava fields. The northern part of the island is characterized by vegetation rich in moss and lichens. The southern coasts are lapped by the Gulf Stream which, after having crossed the entire Atlantic Ocean, dilutes any form of pollutant, favoring the prosperity of one of the most abundant fish reserves on the planet. Iceland is one of the rare countries where fishing is managed responsibly and sustainably. The south furthermore offers expanses of grassland, the pastures and moors representing the large open spaces ideal for animal breeding, and rich in plant varieties that boast valuable properties.


The carefully selected local raw materials, such as fish, shellfish, chicken, horse, lamb and pork, all derive from clear waters and free range farms, enriched with natural ingredients such as birch, algae, blueberry, lichen, heather, achillea and angelica.


Food with extraordinary goodness and taste, but above all without chemical or pharmacological residues harmful to health. The opportunity that Iceland offers is the ability to take advantage of sustainable fishing and clean energy from geothermal and hydroelectric sources


The Microcapsules system ensures that the natural principles remain stable over time, trapping them in microspheres of fatty acids. This occurs through a micro-encapsulation process, which preserves and protects them from heat, as well as allowing a gradual absorption along the entire intestinal tract.